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So my new novel And the Hills Opened Up has been out for about ten days now and I've done various interviews and other fun stuff to help promote it online.  I thought I'd organize links to everything right here on Blogagaard. I'll keep updating this as time passes and the world finally succumbs to my promotional will.

Play the HILLS Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Interview with Ginger Nuts of Horror

How The NeverEnding Story influenced me

Author Profile on This Is Horror

Analysis of "The Rake's Song" by the Decemberists on Hardboiled Wonderland

 The Page 69 Test via Campaign for the American Reader

A mini-review of HILLS on Do Some Damage
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And the Hills Opened Up is Now Available!

My new novel And the Hills Opened Up is now available in paperback and on Kindle! 

Life in the small 1890 Wyoming mining town of Red Earth revolves around plundering the copper seam and the weekly stagecoach that brings payroll from the Dennison mining company. When opening a new section of the mine frees a monster known only as "the Charred Man," everyone in the town must choose how to make their stand, and who they'll protect. A feverish foreman, an inexperienced sheriff, a widowed whore, and a kindly outlaw are just some of the engrossing characters in Oppegaard's page-turner. The narrative is subtle and lovely, contrasting with a creepy, believable monster. The two combine in a story that's horrific, thrilling, touching, and unflinchingly satisfying to the last page.  -Publisher's Weekly (Starred Review)
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New Book Trailer for And the Hills Opened Up

Thanks to Noah Warren for putting this baby together!
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