Blogagaard Visits Llewellyn

I visited Llewellyn Worldwide today in Woodbury, MN and met my new editor, Brian Farrey-Latz, who showed me around their nice and quite sizable offices before taking me out to lunch. We talked about various aspects of promoting The Firebug of Balrog County (due out Sept 2015 from FLUX, a Llewellyn imprint) and chatted about writing in general. Like moi and many other great minds, Brian is also a graduate of Hamline University's MFA program.

 I rolled up in Senor Honda, of course, punctual as all fuck.
After greeting the receptionist, I perused their book table.
 Various Llewellyn titles.
 They store their many titles in-house in an impressive warehouse.
 Brian thought his office was too messy and would only allow a close-up shot.
 We went to Cowboy Jack's for lunch.
Yep, just two literary cowboys out on the ponderosa, running down a dream.
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Breakneck Cove Is Out Now!

Hi everyone!

My new novella Breakneck Cove is out now as a Kindle ebook and available on Amazon through the Onyx Neon Shorts series (and only 99 cents!). If you don't have a Kindle, you can still read it on a computer using free Kindle software.

Breakneck Cove is a cozy beach paradise tucked along the Oregon Coast, idyllic and private, but when a strange creature washes up on shore it triggers a violent chain of events that will change the lives of two boys forever. A sci-fi novella in the classic tradition of authors such as Ray Bradbury and Walter Tevis, Breakneck Cove dredges the dark waters of youth and the unknown and returns with a new skeleton all its own.

Click here to buy it!
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Kittredge Quote

"We are driven to the rituals of connection we find in music and dancing and food and storytelling and narcotics and fucking while the rain falls outside. I can hide my dis-ease under booze or hard labor or good works or literature, or any other obsession. But it comes back in the morning.

That's what I did for so long in the taverns, patch over the hole. But my cures were not cures at all; they were places to hide. Surrounded by people, I practiced irony and sarcasm, the easiest arts."

-William Kittredge, Who Owns The West?

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